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Our maintenance and service teams are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive offering in regulatory maintenance, preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance as well as provide a break down and call out service 24/7.

Our maintenance and service teams are able to develop a custom maintenance service package for any client at any site. By utilising proprietary software a custom maintenance plan can be built that includes maintenance calendar, notification systems, electronic recording of results and report issuing.

Some of our services include:

  • General Plant Inspection

  • Switch room and Substation Inspection

  • Welders Inspection and VRD Testing

  • Plant Earth Leakage Protection Testing

  • RCDs Testing

  • Emergency Lighting Testing

  • Emergency Stop Testing

  • Safety Interlocking Testing

  • Smoke Detectors Testing

  • Leaders and Appliances Test Tag

  • Low Voltage Rescue Kits Inspection

  • Lockout Isolator Testing

  • Earth Continuity Testing

  • Equipotential Bonding Inspection and Testing

  • Low Voltage Motors Inspection and Testing

  • Switchboard Integrity Inspections

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies Inspection and Testing

  • Plant Earth Leakage - Injection Test

  • Power Factor Correction Inspection

  • Safety Related Control Circuits - Proof Testing

  • Process Control Equipment - Functional Test

  • Underground Electrical Services - Review

  • Electrical Protection and Single Line Diagram - Review

  • Low Voltage Main Earth Inspection


1300 400 CES


Innovative design and engineering solutions for all of your electrical projects.


Specialising in all aspects of electrical installation and construction.


Operating 24/7 to support all of your electrical service and maintenance requirements.

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